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Picture is of my 2020 Mxz Xrs 850 Etec

Welcome  to the BEST Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Snowmobiling page.

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Picture links below to Steve's trips around the Countryside

Steve's ZR8000lxr for sale pictures

Pictures from Around Pa and NY riding with friends 2021-2022

Pictures from Feb 2020 trip to Newberry MI with Scott, John and Tom

GPS Tracklog from trip to Newberry Michigan Feb 2020 with Scott, John and Tom F

Trip to Muinising and Paradise week of Feb 10th 2019 with Scott, John, and Tom F

GPS tracklog from trip to Muinising and Paradise Feb 2019

Trip to Newberry Feb 2018 with Tom, Scott,  John and me!

GPS Tracklog from the trip to Newberry Feb 2018

Around PA riding with Steve's friends 2016-2017

Around PA and NY riding with Steve's friends 2014-2015

GPS tracklog from Lake Chautauqua ride Feb 2015

GPS tracklog from Newberry trip Jan 2015

Trip to Newberry Michigan with Kerri, Ed and George - Jan 2015

GPS tracklog from ride in Alleghany State Park - Feb 2014

Trip to Alleghany State Park - Feb 2014 with the 30 others from the Internet ride group

Around Pa and Ny trips for 2013

GPS tracklog from the Seney trip - Feb 2013

Tahquamenon Falls - 1/2 way between Paradise and Newberry Feb 2013

The closest call I've ever had on a snowmobile - check out this "almost an accident" video in Seney Michigan Feb 2013

Seney, Michigan Trip- February 2013 with Tom, Ken and Dave

North Bay Ontario Trip - February 2012 with Kerri and Ed and Tom

Steve at the Laurel Highlands Grass Drag Races from October 2012 - Grass Drag Racing at it's finest in Western Pa

Around PA and Western NY trips for Steve and friends Dec 2010 - Feb 2011

Snowmobile Trips in Pa for 2009 - 2010

Video from the water crossing from Jan 2010 you gotta see this one !

Trip to Potter County and the Rodeo in the Snow Feb 2009

Trip to North Bay, Ontario Jan 2009

Trip to Gaylord, Mi 2008 (2 trips this year)

Trips around Pa and Ny for 2006-2007 winter season

Pictures of Tom and Steve's trip to Munising, Michigan Feb 2007

Steve's snowmobile video... cool huh ?  (high speed internet required)

Pictures of Tom & Steve's trip to Paradise, Mi - Jan 2006

Pictures of the trip to St Ignace, Mi - Feb 2006

Pictures of Steve's trips around NY and Pa for 2004-2005

(Need to fix) Pictures of the trip to Timmins, Ontario - Feb 2005

Pictures of Steve's "Around Pa for 2003-2004"

Pictures of the trip to Bracebridge, Tug Hill, and Lake Chautauqua, NY - Jan 2004

Pictures of Steve's trips around Pa for 2002-2003

Pictures of Jan 2003 Trip to Bracebridge, Ontario

Pictures of Mar 2002 Trip to Cochrane, Ontario

Pictures of Feb 2002 trip to Bracebridge, Ontario

Pictures of March 2001 trip to UP of Michigan

Feb 2001 Pictures at Bracebridge, Ontario

Jan 2001 Trip to Michigan

2000 Trip to Michigan

2000 Pictures riding around the Laurel Highlands of PA

1999 Troy Winterfest at Alparon Park in Troy, PA

Sledding pictures of the trip to Michigan 1997 with Doug R and Don M from the Newsgroup

1996 Rodeo in the Snow in Couldersport, Pa  (Love those Demo Rides on the NEW ONES !)

1995 Snowmobiling pics and trip to Bob's camp

1994 Rodeo in the Snow and Steve racing the 87' Formula Plus at the LH club (I lost to Rob smith with the cheater Exciter lol)

1992 Gaylord - Newberry Michigan Trip with Mark 1st ever trip out of state !

1991 Rodeo in the Snow with Mark and Steve - staying at the Forest House Inn in Keating Summit

Riding in the ANF w Tom, Lynn, Mike, Kim, and wife Mary - 1990 trip

One of my first Snowmobile Trips ever !  Ride in the Allegheny National Forest w Lynn and Tom - Feb 1989

Old Snowmobiling Friends - Circa 1989 - 1991

Riding in the ANF and the Laurel Highlands -  winter 1988



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