1997 Michigan Sledding Pics

These are some pictures of Doug, Don, and Me at a Ride from Houghton Lake in the Lower Pen. to the Mackinaw bridge that goes to the Upper Pen. We stopped at Spanky's Sled parts on our way and at a few other places with pics too. Maybe you recognize some of the stops. One picture on the second row is (left to right) Don M. , Bob S. , Me, James C. , Tom A. . We were at the Ohio State Snow Show in 1996. (yes, I just found the picture.. ) I personally like the one of the Pool. I was thinking of going for a swim . Also, the last two on the bottom row on the right are a picture of a hound checking out the suspension of someones sled.. I hope he doesn't get any ideas for lifting his leg ! And the last one is a nice picture of the lonnnngggg straight trails (and smoother than we're used to here in Pgh Pa) around Houghton Lake, Michigan. (rev 11/97)

Any questions let me know : Stevem5215@bigfoot.com

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